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I spent enough time during my corporate career sitting through boring presentations to recognize the challenge that exists in finding the right speaker. I’ve sat through dozens of training sessions and conferences and experienced a variety of speakers, some were good, but most were boring. I came to realize that the success of an event relies on a speaker that is able to achieve three things:

  • Bring insights and ideas that the audience can connect with
  • Present in a fashion that engages the audience
  • Provide the audience with pragmatic takeaways that will improve their world

I began speaking professionally in 2008 and since that time I’ve invested considerable time and effort to create compelling and valuable talks that engage audiences and create a catalyst for change. I’m truly passionate about speaking and my hope is that this page will provide you all of the information you need to make your next event a success.

What you can expect

From the moment we speak, I can assure you of the following:

  • Rapid response to your emails and telephone calls.
  • Direct one on one contact with me, not someone from my team.
  • A professional talk, built around your specific objectives to achieve the outcomes you desire.
  • I will announce and promote your event (if you desire) through my blog and social media channels
  • Custom videos, podcasts and any other resources I can provide to help you promote and prepare for your event, to engage your audience in advance of the session, ensuring a successful catalyst of change.
  • A follow-up after the session to ensure your objectives were met.

Learn about me

I’ve been speaking publically for a decade, and as a profession since 2008. Since this time I’ve spoken at over 200 events and I’ve also been interviewed on several syndicated and local radio shows. I spent most of my career as a senior leader in several industries, having worked for organizations such as Magna International, N.C.R., Bellwyck Packaging Solutions and Bruce Power to name a few. I now devote my time to speaking, consulting and writing. In terms of my platform:

  • I receive over 2000 new and unique visitors to my blog monthly
  • My podcast – “Ideas with Impact” has been a top ranked podcast on iTunes.
  • I publish monthly for publications that include the Association of Manufacturing Excellence, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and several others.
  • I publish frequently in national publications that include the Globe and Mail.

I have been happily married to my wife, Julie, for nearly a decade. We have two energetic young boys and live in a small community just north of Toronto Ontario Canada.

Recorded video clips

I speak for corporations, conferences, and non-profits. Here are some brief clips from several recently recorded speeches:

Leading from Strength

Watch Shawn as he delivers a fun and inspiring talk on Leading from Strength at the Toronto MPI Chapter’s annual conference.

Engage to Succeed: Building and Evolving a Volunteer Culture

Watch Shawn as he speaks at the Vitalize Conference in Edmonton Alberta on How to Build and Engage a Volunteer Culture. If you need to attract and work with volunteers, this video is a must see!

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Watch Shawn as he keynotes to a group of senior executives in the Public Sector, providing insight into how to be a more effective leader in a multi-generational workforce.

My most popular topics

I frequently speak on topics related to leadership, change, productivity, and employee empowerment. My presentations are customized to meet your objectives. My goal is to ensure we achieve the outcomes you desire. Most of my topics can be delivered as either a keynote or a workshop, including half-day and full-day sessions. Some of my most requested topics include the following.

Empowering Performance Through People

Overview: Since the industrial revolution we’ve built companies using an archaic model that originated in the military. Consider for example that the structure, strategy and operation of most organizations today is built around a top-down approach to motivating and managing employees. Unfortunately unless you are in the military, this inverted approach to operating a business is nothing more than a path to diminishing profits and lack luster performance. The highest performing and most profitable organizations are those that tap into the collective intelligence of their people, their suppliers and their customers in order to build a community of knowledge and experience aligned in the delivery of distinct and rapid value to the customer. CEO’s must think less about how they manage and monitor and more critically about how to engage the hearts and minds of their employees, suppliers and customers in order to build greater momentum and commitment towards the future vision of the company.
In this talk participants will discover:
   • How empowerment is the most cost effective and powerful tool to fuel business performance.
   • Practices to empower customers and grow sales revenue quickly and strategically
   • Proven methods to improve operational performance by empowering employees.
   • Opportunities to create a distinct competitive advantage by empowering the supply chain.
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Managing and Motivating in a Multi-Generational Workplace

Overview: Never before have we been faced with such generational diversity in the workplace. With the number of millennials in North America joining the workplace soon to surpass Generation X and Baby Boomers, we are poised for a distinct shift (or collision!) in how we interact, communicate, and work. Ever more urgent are answers to once seemingly insignificant questions, such as: Are baby-boomers and Generation Xers holding millennials back, or do millennials simply have unrealistic expectations for their career progression? Why does the definition of work-life-balance differ across these three generations? Our ability to successfully navigate today’s work environment relies on our ability to manage, motivate, and collaborate in this increasingly complex work environment.
In this powerful discussion participants will walk away with a clear understanding of:
   • Distinctions between each generation and how to capitalize on differences for greater collaboration
   • Methods to improve communications in an inter-generational workforce
   • How to motivate multiple generations to be engaged and participate
   • Practices to contribute to a more productive, collaborate and effective workplace
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Conversations Count: Capitalizing on conversations to maximize customer value

Overview: Every client, customer, and member interacts with an organization or association through multiple channels. It is through these interactions that customers form their impression of whether the organization adds value, and the various forms within which they can receive that value. It is for this very reason that every conversation that our employees, board members and contractors have counts. In order to continue to provide relevant and meaningful value to our customers and clients, we must capitalize on every conversation, ensuring discussions align with our mission providing mechanisms to capture feedback which in turn fuels marketing, sales and product development. Organizations that realize every conversation counts identify new methods to tap into multiple channels and levels of customer conversations to understand what it is that attracts and retains their clients, and how to further capitalize for future sustainability and growth.
In this discussion participants will walk away with an understanding of:
   • Where the most valuable customer conversations occur in their business
   • Practices to capture critical customer feedback to drive sales, marketing and product development
   • How to improve customer discussions and interactions and retain more customers
   • Methods to add more value during employee-customer interactions for increased profit
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The Facilitative Leader: Empower Your Employees for Increased Productivity

Overview: Leadership can be a daunting task. Balancing our own business and personal objectives while managing a team of unique individuals can be draining mentally and emotionally. With little time available to spend with staff, the real question becomes how can we get staff to do more, care more, and be present? The secret is empowerment, and to achieve empowerment leaders need to shift from being directive to being facilitative. By becoming a more facilitative leader we can develop our employees in a team environment, driving higher levels of communication, understanding and productivity. Join me for a powerful session devoted to helping leaders get more done with and through employees, motivating them in the process. In this talk we will explore the greatest time constraints, variables that challenge employees, helping leaders formulating a proven approach to building empowerment to further develop employees and the team.
In this discussion participants will walk away with an understanding of:
   • The distinct differences between a facilitative leader and today’s typical leader.
   • Proven approaches to introduce and sustain higher levels of empowerment in employees
   • Methods to apply delegation in order to improve employee responsibility and team strength
   • How to use coaching and mentorship to increase employee autonomy and productivity
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Creating Market Distinction: Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Overview: Getting the most out of an employee is the single greatest challenge any CEO or business owner faces. Despite the best of intentions and effort, our ability to engage, motivate and manage employees can be overly complex and time consuming. This said the only way to provide consistently high levels of quality in service, delivery and customer care requires an employee management strategy, from selection to motivation to performance management. Getting this formula right can be the difference between competing in a crowded marketplace and holding a distinct competitive advantage in the very same market. Specifically we identify and design an employee management strategy addressing the selection, motivation and ongoing management of employees in a way that allows us to take charge of our future like never before.
Participants will leave this discussion with the following:
   • How to create distinction in the market through effective employee engagement
   • How to find the right job candidates to ensure growth and profitability
   • Methods for onboarding new employees to ensure rapid engagement and team effectiveness
   • Proven approaches to empower existing and new employees to achieve more with less guidance and support
   • How to eliminate the drama in employee management
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Here is what other people are saying

I would prefer to let others tell you of the value I can bring to your event, so the following are some brief testimonials I received from event sponsors and attendees from some recent talks.

“Shawn has spoken for three of my executive forums and done a great job of bringing real-world solutions that challenge the way our members think.”
Steve Howse, Chair (former), MacKay CEO Forums
“Shawn’s presentation was highly engaging and contained very useful tips and ideas that will help our members be more successful in the succession and leadership of their business.
The feedback from our workshop participants was overwhelming positive with all attendees finding many useful items and tools from the session.”
Tamelynda Lux, Executive Director,
Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, Southwestern Ontario Chapter
“Shawn has a unique ability to connect with his audience through his trainings, creating a strong level of engagement and interest.”
Jessica Midwood, Conference Manager, Progressive Executive Business Education
“Shawn’s talk on The Performance Imperative provided ideas and best practices that our group found useful and geared towards taking action.”
Rick Harvey, TEC Canada #245 Chair
“Shawn was a pleasure to work with! He turned our ideas for a presentation into a very relevant and engaging presentation for a diverse group of employees.”
Sandra Tartaglia, Human Resources, McNally International Inc.
“Shawn presented one of the most engaging webinars we’ve ever had!”
Lorraine Bauer, Managing Director, CAFE Canada
“Shawn’s efforts to speak with stakeholders before his talk ensured he addressed key concerns making his presentation both timely and relevant”
Carole Brault Senior Manager Convention Trade Shows and Events, Produce Marketing Association
“Shawn did an excellent job of engaging the audience. He kept the members captivated and received outstanding feedback on his content and delivery.”
Graham Sogawa Manager, Member Network Professional Development Institute
“Shawn is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter. His presentation on “Motivation and Momentum in the face of Change” got the audience thinking about dealing with change and provided them great tools and tips to use in the future.”
Anna-Marie Christian CMA, Director Management Accounting CMA Ontario
“I have engaged Shawn to speak on several occasions. He repeatedly achieves excellent feedback from his audience which is why we bring him back again and again.”
Steve Johnston CIPMM President
“I enjoyed your presentation and there are some very good take a ways I can apply at my workplace.”
Michael W. Spence Q.A. & Facilities Manager B.C. Instruments
“Shawn’s stories and work experiences drove home the concepts of managing change His presentation was the perfect mix of a serious business based message, along with a very funny and engaging delivery.”
Peter Buscemi Past President Supply Chain Management Association of Manitoba
“Shawn brought an outside perspective that was interesting, provocative, and yet engaging to the audience and supportive to other panelists.Feedback from attendees was excellent resulting in a session that exceeded our expectations.”
Leah Gibson Director, Excelerated Response Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre

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