Since 2002 Shawn has been coaching and mentoring managers, advisors and business owners to help them improve performance and grow as individuals and business leaders.


“Shawn provides what every business needs – increased efficiency and improved cash flow – while helping increase your speed to market. He’s an expert in enhancing competitive position by turbo-charging your operational performance.”
Alan Weiss, PhD
Summit Consulting Group, Inc.

Although details and names surrounding our coaching and mentoring engagements remain confidential, our typical client results have included:

  • Increased focus and achievement of strategic objectives.
  • Increased productivity and time management.
  • Initiation and completion of a significant organizational change.
  • Improvement in front line leadership empowerment.
  • Empowerment of senior staff to take-over the family business.


“Shawn helps me see practical, actionable solutions with lightning speed. He gives me an idea, breaks it down and challenges me to set a date for completion. Each step vital to my success.”
Constance Dierickx PhD
CD Consulting Group

We offer structured coaching programs such as the Ideas to Action Coaching Program and Business Evolution Mentor Program, as well as customized coaching services for successful business owners, executives and leaders to help navigate business challenges and volatility to improve their effectiveness and increase confidence.

All of our coaching programs are proactive with your specific goals and unique circumstances in mind. For more information on whether coaching is right for you, or on how to take your performance to the next level, contact Shawn at


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