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I spent enough time during my corporate career sitting through boring presentations to recognize the challenge that exists in finding the right speaker. I’ve sat through dozens of training sessions and conferences and experienced a variety of speakers, some were good, but most were boring. I came to realize that the success of an event relies on a speaker that is able to achieve three things:

  • Bring insights and ideas that the audience can connect with
  • Present in a fashion that engages the audience
  • Provide the audience with pragmatic takeaways that will improve their world

I began speaking professionally in 2008 and since that time I’ve invested considerable time and effort to create compelling and valuable talks that engage audiences and create a catalyst for change. I’m truly passionate about speaking and my hope is that this page will provide you all of the information you need to make your next event a success.

What you can expect

From the moment we speak, I can assure you of the following:

  • Rapid response to your emails and telephone calls.
  • Direct one on one contact with me, not someone from my team.
  • A professional talk, built around your specific objectives to achieve the outcomes you desire.
  • I will announce and promote your event (if you desire) through my blog and social media channels
  • Custom videos, podcasts and any other resources I can provide to help you promote and prepare for your event, to engage your audience in advance of the session, ensuring a successful catalyst of change.
  • A follow-up after the session to ensure your objectives were met.

Learn about me

I’ve been speaking publically for a decade, and as a profession since 2008. Since this time I’ve spoken at over 200 events and I’ve also been interviewed on several syndicated and local radio shows. I spent most of my career as a senior leader in several industries, having worked for organizations such as Magna International, N.C.R., Bellwyck Packaging Solutions and Bruce Power to name a few. I now devote my time to speaking, consulting and writing. In terms of my platform:

  • I receive over 2000 new and unique visitors to my blog monthly
  • My podcast – “Ideas with Impact” has been a top ranked blog on iTunes.
  • I publish monthly for publications that include the Association of Manufacturing Excellence, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and several others.
  • I publish frequently in national publications that include the Globe and Mail.

I have been happily married to my wife, Julie, for nearly a decade. We have two energetic young boys and live in a small community just north of Toronto Ontario Canada.

Recorded video clips

I speak for corporations, conferences, and non-profits. Here are some brief clips from several recently recorded speeches:

Engage to Succeed: Building and Evolving a Volunteer Culture

Watch Shawn as he speaks at the Vitalize Conference in Edmonton Alberta on How to Build and Engage a Volunteer Culture. If you need to attract and work with volunteers, this video is a must see!

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Watch Shawn as he keynotes to a group of senior executives in the Public Sector, providing insight into how to be a more effective leader in a multi-generational workforce.

My most popular topics

I frequently speak on topics related to leadership, change, productivity, and employee empowerment. My presentations are customized to meet your objectives. My goal is to ensure we achieve the outcomes you desire. Most of my topics can be delivered as either a keynote or a workshop, including half-day and full-day sessions. Some of my most requested topics include the following.

Change for change sake: Successfully navigating and managing change.

Change surrounds us leading many to feel powerless and incapable. Those who are successful embrace change as an opportunity to influence outcomes in order to achieve their goals and objectives. Leaders must have the ability to rapidly disseminate change that is thrust upon them; as well as effectively engage stakeholders in support of change initiatives; all while still maintaining a vision of their goals. This session will discuss the strategic components of change; the ingredients to effectively initiate and manage change, all while retaining a focus on strategic objectives. Read More…

The new rules of engagement: How to engage, inspire and connect.

Success is the result of one’s ability to connect and engage with others. The impact of new technology and changing demographics is altering preferred communication styles, and we must in turn find new ways to connect with and inspire others. The most successful people are those who are adapting to and exploiting these new communication styles to improve both the velocity and strength of their relationships. This session outlines the impacts our changing world has on our ability to communicate and connect with others, providing strategies to alter our communication styles and increase our adaptability in order to build h3er lasting relationships. Read More…

Building leaders and breaking paradigms.

Despite popular belief, leaders are not born they are built. Understanding the qualities of the most effective leaders and how to engage and empower these leaders is fundamental to building h3 organizational performance. In this session we not only discuss how to identify top performing leaders, but the steps to take in order to build their confidence and ability. Read More…

Comfort with the uncomfortable: Navigating difficult discussions.

Dealing with direct reports, peers, suppliers and customers requires the ability to broach and navigate difficult discussions. Understand why difficult discussion cause discomfort, and learn strategies to initiate and manage difficult discussions, all while diffusing emotion before it has a chance to spark. Understand how to keep the discussion on target and ensure a mutually beneficial outcome to every difficult discussion. Read More…

Transpire to inspire: Engaging and motivating teams.

Leading a team requires the ability to simultaneously motivate and build commitment of members. In addition, achieving success in a team environment requires the ability to engage, motivate and influence individuals as well as the collective group. In this session we discuss the techniques required to engage and motivate, as well as how to maintain motivation momentum. We also factor in proven techniques to influence and persuade others in order to improve engagement and results. Read More…

Breaking through productivity barriers

Being productive is not an outcome, it’s a philosophy. Our perceptions about “staying connected” and desire to “multi-task” has in essence diminished our productivity to all time lows, resulting in our feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s time to put productivity into perspective; to mitigate distractions, set clear priorities and hold ourselves to account. Sound too easy? I’m here to tell you it’s not. Join me for this interactive session where we explore the key factors that are holding you back from being as productive as you want to be. Understand why downtime actually increases our productivity; how sleep leads to faster thinking; and why we are often our own worse enemies. By the end of this session you will have a new perspective on life, and most importantly a plan to help you put this perspective into action! Read More…

Adaptive Leadership

Gone are the days of hierarchical leadership. Today’s leaders are faced with predictable and unpredictable leadership challenges; shifting priorities and numerous communication challenges, all of which demand a different approach to leadership. Welcome to the adaptive leader. To be effective, today’s leaders must have the ability to think differently, to apply deal with the abstract and to challenge themselves to think and act differently when faced with unprecedented challenges. In this talk we spend time addressing the challenges of today’s leaders, discussing examples of adaptive leadership; the mindset; the approaches; and the outcomes. Most importantly we help participants formulate their own approach to adaptive leadership, a new perspective on existing issues that provides different and unique solutions. It’s time to put down the same tools you’ve been applying for decades and consider a entirely new dimension of leadership. Read More…

Here is what other people are saying

I would prefer to let others tell you of the value I can bring to your event, so the following are some brief testimonials I received from event sponsors and attendees from some recent talks.

“Shawn’s efforts to speak with stakeholders before his talk ensured he addressed key concerns making his presentation both timely and relevant”
Carole Brault Senior Manager Convention Trade Shows and Events, Produce Marketing Association
“Shawn did an excellent job of engaging the audience. He kept the members captivated and received outstanding feedback on his content and delivery.”
Graham Sogawa Manager, Member Network Professional Development Institute
“Shawn is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter. His presentation on “Motivation and Momentum in the face of Change” got the audience thinking about dealing with change and provided them great tools and tips to use in the future.”
Anna-Marie Christian CMA, Director Management Accounting CMA Ontario
“I have engaged Shawn to speak on several occasions. He repeatedly achieves excellent feedback from his audience which is why we bring him back again and again.”
Steve Johnston CIPMM President
“I enjoyed your presentation and there are some very good take a ways I can apply at my workplace.”
Michael W. Spence Q.A. & Facilities Manager B.C. Instruments
“Shawn’s stories and work experiences drove home the concepts of managing change His presentation was the perfect mix of a serious business based message, along with a very funny and engaging delivery.”
Peter Buscemi Past President Supply Chain Management Association of Manitoba
“Shawn brought an outside perspective that was interesting, provocative, and yet engaging to the audience and supportive to other panelists.Feedback from attendees was excellent resulting in a session that exceeded our expectations.”
Leah Gibson Director, Excelerated Response Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre
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